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My services


Before translating a single word, research of the end-users product line is my priority.

Familiarisation with company nomenclature comes naturally.

Questions about tentative terminologies are always asked.

I am always prepared to meet even extremely tight deadlines.

I guarantee culturally sensitive translations and accurate localisation.

Quote on documents of any size are always subject to discussion.

I work directly with different file formats, including:

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDFs

CAT-Tools (Computer-Assisted Translation)

I currently use and am proficient in the use of the following CAT tools:

SDL Trados Studio 2017:

I have been using this translation software since its early stages, beginning with Trados 2006. It is a complete translation environment for translating, reviewing translation projects and terminology.



memoQ translator pro:

I currently use memoQ translator pro v 8,5. It is a computer-assisted translation tool and is designed for individual work for freelance translators.




I have utilised memSource for numerous translation projects. It enables the user to increase translation quality while reducing costs using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology.



Across Translator v7 :

A translation software I have worked with on numerous projects; however, I have not had the opportunity to become an expert.




Quality Control

My translation process is subject to rigorous quality control:


  • After receiving the original document, I will prepare a schedule for completing the task.

  • The document is being translated and revised. In order to ensure an accurate translation and fast delivery of the product, I communicate with the customer on an ongoing basis. I want to make sure I'm translating out of the right context and I want to know if your needs have changed.

  • I use several quality assurance tools that are applied prior to finalizing the translation. These are:

    • ApSIC xBench: A powerful QA and terminology management tool

    • memoQ: Consists of two levels of quality checking, checking the text and generating error statistics.

    • Grammarly: An Effective Writing Enhancement Platform.

    • ProWritingAid: A grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor in one package.

  • Depending on the translation software used, the document is submitted in the appropriate format (referred to as a “return package”).

  • As soon as you have received the translated document, I will await a delivery confirmation to ensure that your product has been safely received.



I aim to provide a customised translation solution that concisely reflects the culture of the end-user.

When I take on a project, I want to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.


Therefore I work closely with you—providing a questionnaire for the end-user in case of doubt—so I can understand as much as possible the context in which the end client operates.


I will be in touch regularly to clarify terminological issues. If a terminological database is not yet available, I can offer to customise it according to your preferences. This approach enables me to work more efficiently for you as the turnaround period on projects and costs are reduced. This process also allows me to strike the right balance between your / the end-user’s preferred style and terminology. Customising a dedicated database for you also helps me to make sure that the communication remains consistent throughout.

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